Web Consultation

Our Mission

The mission of CDS is to ensure a world class customer experience and world class service,  supporting our customers before, during and after the project. Our goal is to provide the best technical solutions and services to address our customer’s needs, and to provide a positive working environment that allows our customers, our company and our employees to succeed.

What We Do

Converged Data Systems (CDS) is a full-service IT consulting and integration company that brings cost effective technology solutions to organizations of all sizes. You can rely on CDS to provide you with the expertise required to meet your IT goals. Whether you have your own on-site IT staff and are looking for supplemental engineering personnel on a project basis, or you are looking to outsource your IT needs entirely, CDS is there for you.

Our holistic approach and broad service offering has proven to directly contribute to the operational efficiency, profitability and resultant success of our customers. With CDS's proactive approach and proven expertise, we are considered a trusted IT partner by all of our clients.

The days of managing applications and data in separate silos is coming to an end.  This outdated approach results in duplicated data that forces redundant security models, ongoing data movement, and significant data quality/consistency problems. With a modern converged approach IT assets no longer need to be tied to an edge device or a single server are are accessible anywhere via a centrally managed service.

The benefits of a converged network won't be seen if it doesn’t have a properly engineered backbone or specialized knowledge supporting it. For your system to withstand the rigors of daily business, CDS will analyze how convergence is best used in your organization to determine the most appropriate, feasible, and cost-effective solutions allowing you to streamline and grow your business. 

Improve and grow your business with a smarter IT solution.